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    When I pull up the ‘Exif Info’ popup via the link for my tunes and album, the Genre is incorrectly set to Blues even though I’ve put various inputs for each tune and for the album. I really don’t want to do a batch change to all of them since they vary by tune.

    I’ve been working all day and experimenting with some other plugins. So…maaaaaayyyybbbbbeeeee that’s the problem, but…

    I have another issue but I’ll check this out tomorrow (may be related to the cache too?). When I edit the details of the Album in the Audio module the ‘Custom Fields’ I created they do not hold their changed values/inputs. Perhaps my cache needs to be cleaned…I’ll look into this tomorrow.

    Thank you for your efforts and time.
    So far this is the best plugin I’ve used with WordPress over the years.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)