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    I have version 1.2.6 and I don’t see any way to download the mp3s. I THINK I read somewhere about the Link in the Library when I edit the data, but how do I find out what the mp3’s url is???

    Can’t the link be auto-generated based on where the mp3 file itself is uploaded to? That would be convenient. I have something like 88 mp3 files I host so far and I can’t know what any of their URLs are? Please help! I want to use this plugin. It’s the best I’ve come across (and I’ve spent a number of days searching for something better and not found it) but I want my visitors to be able to download the files.

    As for volume control, that would be nice but I can live without it for now.

    They both are good feature requests, though.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)