I am one of the designers of LOMA WHEELS and we are using the GMEDIA GALLERY PLUGIN for our website. We can tell you THAT THIS IS FAR THE BEST PLUGIN WITH THE BEST SUPPORT EVER RECEIVED from any Plugin on the market. This guys are fast and make a quick solution if something needs to be fixed or updated. 110% our favorite of all time!!

Thank you
LOMA Media Team

I have tested them all… From Nextgen/Envira to smaller Gallery solutions, and even enhancement of the native WP gallery. There was always something wrong… Gmedia is truly the best surprise I’ve experienced with plugins yet.

The feature I like especially is the tagging possibility. Gmedia will automatically generate pages gallery with photos having the same tag. This is brilliant and truly unique.

The whole user experience is way better than any other plugin, even the premium ones. Congrats and keep up the work!

I love this plug in. As a photographer I am always creating galleries and albums and this is by far the best plug in I have found for the job.

Love the image upload features. I like the gallery options, love the ability to create a gallery based on a custom filer.

Best Plugin EVER!!! I have looked everywhere for a plugin that would allow me to use my own video, not just YouTube or Vimeo video and would give me a variety of player styles. I had just about given up when I found the Gmedia player. This plugin not only allows you to import virtually any type of media, including music, the settings interface is simple but elegant and incredibly easy to understand. It’s easy to install, easy to get started.

You can import files from your drive or files that you’ve already uploaded into your WordPress Library. And the player styles are impressively professional. I have a control and freedom with this plugin that I have never found in any other video or image plugin. I am so in love with this plugin! It’s well worth getting the premium version.

I have been using it for some time now and I like it very well.
I can create galleries with thumbnails and slideshows. Exactly what I need for my professional website to showcase my company..

This is a great plugin – I’m using it on 5 sites and it works perfectly. The support is very good as well.

Gmedia Best Gallery Plugin for WordPress- I would give it 10 stars if I could!! I had searched for a WordPress plugin that not only looked good but was fast and efficient for a long time. I had several hundred galleries on my old website and needed to move them into a gallery that would be separate from WordPress Media as that is only useable for a few photos. The import capability on WordPress Gmedia Gallery was ideal also it has Album & Galleries capability so I could separate my work.
I have been using it now for about a year and it is brilliant. Thanks again for a great product and also for your quick support!
Kind Regards MM – Prophoto Australia

This is a great plugin – I’m using it on a site and it’s work perfectly. The interface is easy and the lightbox is minimal and stylish. Thank you very much. Highly recommended.

Such a Versatile Plugin. This is an excellent plugin. I use it for multiple client sites with various media. I love the fact you can change the look and feel.  Thanks guys!

Plugin looks really great. I’ve uploaded a lot of radio news archives to my site, added cover to each audio and created the galleries with the selected Albums. All works as it should! Recommend.

The best (tested 10+ gallery plugins) Hi, I spent about 8 hours of searching, installing and uninstalling of gallery plugins (near all plugins with more than 10000 installs). This one is the best, even free, even paid.
I very like possibility to rearrange the order of the images and the drag&drop upload. You can create your own gallery preference and then it takes very short time to create desired galleries.

FANTASTIC PLUGIN! One of the best plugins out there. Certainly the best for pictures and videos! Great job!

This has saved me hours of hassle – I have lots of albums on my site which need to be updated regularly and after struggling with many other gallery plugins my life has been made SO much easier! Thanks!
Update: If I could give this plugin more than 5 I would. It has worked perfectly for ages, but I had a problem after the update. Usually I try to resolve problems myself but this one had me stumped, so I contacted Support and within hours had a reply. Within a day the issue was resolved – what a fantastic support! If only all other plugin authors were as diligent….. Many, many thanks!

Great plugin. It’s the best plugin for galleries I’ve ever tried, also premium version very worthy.

As a photographer I’ve used the PhotoBox Module for years now and I love it. It’s very customizable and is continually updated for every new platform and application that comes out. If and when I have a question I get prompt helpful advice. I can’t speak highly enough about Gmedia. Thanks for all your work guys!

I can fully recommend you this awesome peace of code. The best functionality and it is simply awesome.
Easy generate responsive galleries with lots of photos in designs which are very easy to change. My personal favorite is the “Mosaic” module.

Super plugin. Was looking for something like this all these days!… Thank you so much!!

This gallery is wonderful, thank you. It works seamlessly, is responsive and customizable in the ways you need it to be. The backend of this plug in is just the best, easy to use and very professional for selling my art online. If you are looking for a great photo gallery, this one is definitely a great choice.

Love This Multimedia Library Engine. This multimedia library plugin is the most versatile I’ve ever used before. Once you spend the time to learn all of its features and settings, this plugin will allow you to do pretty much anything. I log and display image, audio and video files. It handles all those media beautifully. I highly recommend it.