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Gmedia Gallery – Slider Module

Slider Module

Slider Gallery – is multi-categorized Premium Module with slideshow feature.

Slider Module is a symbiosis of flash and jQuery world. It shows your images in one line sliding them one by one.
It’s not matter what size of the image, Slider will scale it automatically to fit gallery height.

You can click on image to see the bigger image in lightbox window or to open link associated with this image.

  • No matter if image is in landscape or portrait orientation, it looks gorgeous in Slider Skin
  • All images scales to one equal height
  • Keybord Controls for Slider – left/right arrow for changing slide, space key for slideshow toggle.
  • Open large image in Fancybox window
  • Continue auto slideshow in Fancybox mode
  • Open link associated with the image
  • Touch/Swipe jQuery Gallery for browsers without flash support included (iDevices, Android Devices)
  • Search Engine Optimized gallery
  • Top panel visible only if there are categories in the gallery
  • Hover over image to see description
  • Click on the plus icon to see bigger image in Fancybox window
  • Click on the chain icon to open url associated with this image
  • Bottom scrollbar indicates how many images in the gallery and load status of each image. Click on bottom blocks or on arrows to switch between images
  • In Fancybox mode you can see 4 buttons in right top corner: previous, autoslideshow on/off, next and close

You can install this module from Gmedia Gallery -> Modules -> “Not Installed Modules” section.

If you can’t see this module in bottom section called “Not Installed Modules” then you can manually download it below and install on Modules page or upload unzipped folder via FTP to ‘/wp-content/grand-media/module/’ folder.

This skin requires License Key to remove backlink label. After purchasing License Key save it on Gmedia Gallery -> Settings page.