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Create a new Album and add your images

The easiest way to create an album to open Add/Import Files tab from Gmedia Toolbar. Navigate to the WordPress Admin  > Gmedia Toolbar and select the Add/Import Files  button: Next, enter an album name in the Add to Album field, it will help you organize your photo library, and easy to manage your photo collections in the future. And then You need […]

How to install Gmedia module in .zip format

Navigate to the WordPress Admin > Gmedia screen and select the Modules button: Now you need to click on Install Module ZIP button that you see on the right side of the screen in order to add module to the Gmedia Modules List from your computer. This will open the Gmedia Module uploader. And then You need to click on the Choose File button and select module ZIP file. […]

Install and Activate Gmedia Gallery Plugin

Installation Navigate to the WordPress Admin > Plugins screen and select the Add New button. From the Add Plugins screen, use Plugins Search Bar (top-right screen side) for search Gmedia Gallery plugin and install it by selecting the Install Now button. Activate the Gmedia Gallery Plugin To finish the installation, select the Activate button that appears after installing Gmedia Gallery. Once activated you’ll […]