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    I’ve search on this forum, but didn’t find, so here’s my question :

    I’ve got to insert at least 5 Mosaic galleries on the same (home)page… because I have to separate the photo galleries by theme.
    Anyway, they show nice on page load, but no longer on page resize (the galleries are croped, letting show only few images)

    Is there a way to avoid conflict when multiple Mosaic are used on same page ?
    (I hope so because the whole website is based on Gmedia, and this plugIn is the one I need… it’s just GREAT !)
    Waiting yuor answer to buy my licence…
    Best regards


    Fixed in Mosaic module v1.7
    Go to admin Gmedia -> Modules -> update module to latest version.
    Clear your browser cache (and probably reset cache plugin if you have some) to see changes.


    Thanks a lot !! It’s perfect for me now !
    I finish the dev of my client’s website (on a development server) and in a few days I’ll buy my licence providing the definitive url…

    Thanks again for the top level Gmedia Gallery plug-in and for your fast and efficient support on the forum.
    I’m gonna rate it “5 STARS” right now !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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