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    really a great plugin. But i’m actually facing a problem, i took me a long time to find out that is seem that a photo can only be in one album.
    As far as i could understand Album is the only way to have the photo sorted on a manual way, and for me it’s important to have a different ordering regarding the selection I choose.

    So my idea was to have it like this :
    Different Albums :
    – All my creations chronoligicaly sorted
    – Creations in 2016
    – Creations in 2015
    – Creations in 2014…
    – Theme Insects
    – Theme Nature

    Then I have created 1 gallery per album to include this menus.
    Each time I created an album form other albums were emptied :-(… it took me a while to understand that 1 photo = 1 Album.

    I think I can find a solution by not creating an album with everything, but only by year, and creating a gallery including all years… But what a bout the themes ?
    Maybe my approach is wrong or I did not fully understand the difference between Gallery and album ?
    What I could understood, Album is a sorted container… Gallery is the way how to display…

    Main thanks and kind regards,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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