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    If I assign two tags to images in an album, such as a “type” and another tag such as “show”, could I then somehow select images for a gallery by using “type=… and show=…” to display only images with a particular type and tagged with “show” . The use of “or” could also be of value. I don’t see anyway to do either of these two functions.
    I can give examples of the situation is that would help to understand what I’m trying to do.
    -Dick Bayerl


    It’s possible to build any query you need with Custom Filters. Go to “Albums, Tags, Filters..” page -> click “Show: Custom Filters” button -> Create Filter -> name it and set any parameters to fit your needs -> click Save button.

    In your case you should choose Tags and set “get items that have all listed tags”.



    its not working :( …what do i have to do after this steps? I included into my page with the following shortcode “[gm filter=11 module=phantom]“, the image grid is showing but no filter?!!

    can you help me?



    Starting from Gmedia v1.8.20 Custom Filters was removed from plugin and filter’s functionality was added to Galleries. Now you can create complicated queries right on Edit Gallery page (click Build Query button).

    So, shortcode is incorrect and it probably shows whole library instead of filter. Create Gallery and then replace shortcode. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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