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    hello, i’m using gmedia with valenti theme and i can see that on android phone when i rotate the smartphone the size of pict become crazy.
    How it is possible i can’t SIMPLY use fullscreen and taht all?
    this is why i had buy these gallery and i can see i was dreaming. nothing works.
    ANd WHY when i chose “fullscreen slideshow” the code off the gallery don’t remove THIS bad ADRESS BAR IN navigator?

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    Optima module is based on flash which is not supported by mobile devices. That’s why you see alternate grid gallery built with javascript.
    There is no way to hide or show browser address bar with javascript (it’s forbidden by browser).
    Maybe you zoomed website before open big image? I’ve tested on android default browser and on chrome browser and all works fine.


    i’ve got chrome and touched nothing, and tested on 3 different smartphone. non are good when we turn the screen. the size is not good and navigation not possible after turning the screen


    and, i’m sorry BUT if “optima” is not smartphone compatible, why it exist? remove it and let us ONLY the REALY all browser, all device compatible gallery!

    I prefer 1 gallery that work and not 100 that works the monday, on the night


    I’m sorry but i have make more tes with 2 poeple here and NEVER i can turn the screen and stay in fulscreen, and i had test a lot off your MODULE but no one is working good on android phone. the size is not good FULSCREEN
    “album strip” is just NOTHING on mobile whe can”t see that it have more album thn one, and the TXT off album don”t be displayed; so my question
    WHEN and WHERE we can have only ONE MODULE that WORKS on 100 webrowser and 100 platform like you said in you 1 line off your website, it is a very big LIAR


    Did you tried only with your theme? I’ve tested with default wordpress themes and here at
    Maybe not all gallery modules works perfectly for you, but for me my plugin works better than 99% of others gallery plugins. Also flash modules are legacy and many users like them and use them. Use only those modules which are on the Demo page:


    My theme (valenti paid theme) is good working with all other gallery than yours.
    it is logical than people make zoom on webqsite and this is a NORMAL FUNCTION
    after it’s up to your gallery to make the CORRECT zoom on every page.
    the google chrome help explain than chrome use a pre définite zoom an can change it by remeber your settings on EVERY page you load. there is no OPTION on google chrome for android to reset zoom to 100% or to know what zoom facto you use.
    it is youre pluggin to set IT to 100% or to send the pict at the GOOD SIZE

    FOR me a gallery is a set of 2 or mor ALBUMS so where are the MODULE to see this like a multi album?
    there is only one? the album stripe that don”t works on mobile so…………….
    the multiple album is just another dream and not any reality


    THE ONLY android full screen seem to be the “REAL SLIDER3 BUT
    the tumbnail are prensent every time
    i need a SIMPLE ALBUM FULL SCREEN TAHT MEAN tha one picture off 1920×1080 MUST be in full size in a screen off 1920×1080 not another think on the SCREEN NOTHIKS, NADA, RIEN. ONLY the pict

    and in a future tje smae stuff but with GALLERY so you can have a choicce between album.

    that stuf are described like function in your website but non off these are realy hezre.
    i had buy gmedia an fla galery but for WHY?

    the standrart gallery off woredress WORK fine finally


    Can you explan WHY, if i clic on a video to have a FULL SCREEN i have IT?????? without nothin else video on 100 screen
    why i can”t have the same BASIC FUNCTION with your gallery?


    It’s impossible to test with all free and paid wordpress themes. Galleries works fine with default themes and with current Enfold theme used on
    Here is a good module for multi album gallery:
    VIDEO tag works differently than others tags – it has a full screen option. But it is impossible to hide address bar for DIV tag on websites for security reasons. It hides automatically when you scroll down, but with javascript that’s impossible.
    Let me know if you find some good gallery plugin which is a perfect for you.
    Both my plugins are free and all modules (even premium) could be freely installed for testing purposes. There is even warning to test modules before purchasing on Get Premium page.


    for the album gird, i sugest you to test it on an iphone or android phone and come back to say that it is nice??????
    i suggest to try one day to make an module IN and FOR mobile device BEFORE using it in werb pc browser, i think taht will change the world.

    for me, i stop to make website in these conditions.
    if any iamge cuted at 1080X1920pxl can be see in this 100% format in a device with this resolution io stop to share pictures .


    I highlty suggest every one to see and see again any pict post or galery in facebook and undetand how it works fine and in max resolution . SO for me this is the MINIMAL condition for another gallery to buy.
    *and finally i have buyed the Gmedia and grand gallery too
    but i NEVER imagiuned that what i pos and see in PC computer is brocken and divided in ridiculou stamp image format in a mobile device.
    i’m thinking if i’ll ban the mobile phone on my websites in these conditions


    I’ve open your website and test on mobile device. Your theme doesn’t update body size when you turn the phone (see background of the girl is not stretched):

    Also there is Fatal Error on your site at the very bottom because of plugins conflict:

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