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    ios 10.2.1

    I go to gmedia Librayr click image, click the camera then choose a photo. As soon as I click on a photo the app closes.

    I am able to add photos by selecting an album and clicking photos from there.


    Perhaps, when the app asked you about geolocation access and about access to your camera you refused. Try reinstall Gmedia App on your iPhone and allow access to your camera. Also try to update Gmedia WordPress plugin to the latest version.


    I updated to the latest version. the app has camera access and photo access.

    When I select camera and take a photo that one uploads properly. It seems tha the issue is only related to selecting a photo to upload from the home screen->pencil->images->camera icon->iphone album->When I click any photo the app closes.


    The new version of iOS app already on moderation. Not sure if it solves your problem. Could you post image from your iPhone here on the forum, so we’ll do some tests?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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