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    I’ve recently installed the GMedia Gallery, using the Phantom plugin which is great.

    I have created some categories, but am wondering if there is a way to display buttons for each category, which once clicked will either filter all to display images in that category, or if no images shown by default, will display those?

    Thank you,




    Any update on this please?



    @Chris and Gmedia Team,

    Just like Chris I love your Phantom Gallery, but also wish that there was an option where customers could click on a button to select a specific category. Your Phantom Pro is a great module, but it is not what I am looking for otherwise that would be an option. I love Green-Style Pro too and considered that as an option, but always end up preferring Phantom as my favourite.

    Is there any CSS code that you would be willing to share with myself and Chris above, so we could add this option to our galleries.

    Thank you for such a great gallery either way, as I know it is free, but hopefully you will consider this request for us.

    Have a wonderful day,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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