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    So I submitted a request over in the modules and then figured out it wasn’t the module that was causing the problem, but indeed an issue with another plugin on the website I’ve been asked to look at.

    Before any of the updates to the 4.0 WP, we didn’t have any issues with the GMedia and Shortcode links working. Now when it’s displayed on the pages, it will not load up correctly (it does display the photo’s in a gallery, but when you attempt to click on them, nothing happens) if I disable Custom Contact Forms, it then works like it’s intended (Displays correctly as well as letting you click on each photo to display them.Any suggestions?


    Here is a link any suggestions on what to do?


    Custom Contact Forms loads scripts on every page (even if there is no any forms) and gets errors. Gallery can’t run because of these errors.
    Contact developer of “Custom Contact Forms” plugin to fix JS errors or replace it to different plugin.

    TypeError: a.browser is undefined
    Line 1

    TypeError: $j(…).tooltip is not a function
    Line 26


    Well isn’t that a pain, thanks for the quick reply!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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