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    Two customization questions for the music player ( I’m sorry if this is a duplicate, I don’t see an easy way to search the forum)

    1. How can I change the color of the background? I’d like to change the black/grey to something lighter

    2. How can I add my own image for the album cover ? It defaults to just a basic music icon.

    I’m assuming this is through custom css, but can’t find any guides or instructions anywhere…

    Thanks in advance!


    OK, I was able to change the color with this:

    /* Custom Styling */ {
    background-color: #8D4A17;

    However, I cannot figure out how to get an album image to show. I tried just placing the URL in the “Cover” field of each track, but this doesnt work. What it does is change the image from a small music symbol to a large music symbol with an “audio” label… I don’t understand.

    I also tried adding custom CSS like this:

    div.gmmp-album-cover {
    gmmp-img: url(;

    div.gmmp-img {url(;

    But neither take.

    Please advise!


    Here is how to add image to audio (video):
    Enter Edit Mode -> find your audio file -> and fill “Cover” field with image url OR with image ID from Gmedia Library (just numbers) -> click anywhere outside of input field to save changes -> Exit Edit mode or reload page to see changes.

    As for changing styling or colors the only way now is to add custom CSS.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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