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    I am really thrilled with Gmedia and am testing both the picture gallery and music gallery. We would like to use it for our choire where we have all voices accessible for our members in our SongBank. A song can have as many as 6-8 different recordings which means that we have exactly 934 MP3 files in our bank. So i installed the plugin and everything went quite smoothly after a little help from browsing the forum. Want to emphasize that I am rather new to wordpress and rather unexperienced in al these “new” modern code languages. Last time i wrote code was in COBOL in the late 70´ties :-))
    I was rather disturbed by the fact that after uploading al 934 files that the download button was missing. First I thought it was the Twenty FourteenVersion: 1.5 theme that was obstructing but after some time I found out that there was no linkadress to the files. Later I found a comment from you on the forum that said exactly that. So i pasted a link to Google drive and another one to a new service called RushFile in Denmark and the buttons appeared. Now I am sweating blood as I realized that I am supposed to make that for al the rest of the files one by one. Want to ask if there is another way around this problem. Since the download information should be available in the webpage – else it would not be able to play it – i hope that it would be “easy” to make the button copying that info and simply start the downloading if no urls are written. Could suggest than one would choose as default setting when uploading the files that the button should be displayed. Pressing the button should copy the adress and start the download. If you dont want files to be downloadable one could disable button by choice for the songs that should not be downloadable.
    Try this link to Rushfile for download. It is a simpel recording made with 1 Zoom H4N. We record our rehearsing to give feedback to the members:
    It would be much nicer that it was taken directly from the local file.
    Kind regards and thanks for a top 1 plugin that works exceptionally well and easy to use

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