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    I just intalled your plugin, which seems to be great, but I cannot import files!

    When I try to import from WP Media Library, I get a “Error 404 – Page not found” and when I try to upload file directly into the Gmedia Library, I get a HTTP Error. 404 message.

    Any clue on how I can solve this problem? I’d really like to use your plugin!

    Thanks a lot! :)


    I need closer look on your problem. If you give me FTP access to your server, I’ll try to solve your problem.
    The reason could be some instructions in .htaccess file.
    Use Conatct page for credentials.


    I just sent you my FTP info via your contact form.

    I am looking forward for an answer!

    Thanks a lot for your fast reply! :)


    Everything works out fine now! The problem was with the .htaccess file, indeed.

    Can you copy here the code you added/removed so I can keep a backup in case something might happen to the file? At the same time, this could be handy for anyone having the same issue.

    By the way, I am very pleased with the plugin and the support is A ++ !!! I would like to buy the plugin!

    I read that the activation key is valid for one website only. I am currently working on the demo version of my website, so the URL is not the good one… Sould I wait to have my website live and public before buying a liscence key?

    Thanks a lot!!


    .htaccess file in wp-content folder have code:

    <Files *.php>
    deny from all

    this code restrict direct access to php files that are in wp-content folder and subfolders. Yes, that is made for more security, but it also break functionality of some plugins.

    I’ll try to change plugin in next version, so it will work with .htaccess file that have instructions like above.

    You can wait for website public or contact me later for changing license key to new website url.
    Anyway, you should first test plugin before purchasing license. If everything work fine for you and you like it, then you can purchase. Otherwise, I’m here to support.


    Yes, I have tested it with the mosaic module and it works great! I will wait until my website is live before I buy the plugin.

    Thanks a lot for your help and you fast response, I gave you 5 stars! :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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