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    Found recently your plugin and I’m substituting it in all my sites where I use a famous plugin since many years; it’s awesome, thanks for it! I am recreating my site for an issue, so that I imported in a local installation only media, posts and pages from the WordPress exporter and reimported them in the local site. I had many GMedia albums created in the old site. How should export/import albums or quickly recreate existing albums? Thanx


    I’ve not yet implemented automatic export/import feature in the Gmedia plugin.
    The only way to do that is
    1) export all database tables that name start with ‘wp_gmedia’.
    2) also you should export ‘wp_posts’ and ‘wp_postmeta’ tables.
    3) then import these tables to your new website’s database via PHPMyAdmin or other software that works with databases.
    4) Copy ‘/wp-content/grand-media/’ folder to the same location on your server.


    Hi, Thanx for your reply. I began to recreate albums uploading images grouped in the old plugin folders, it’s quite faster … If it doesn’t require too much work, should be nice an import/export function of Gmedia albums. Another option: the way to change on the fly thumbnails size and columns while creating an album.
    Thanx a lot, love your plugin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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