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    Please help. When I post items to a Gmedia gallery apparently a new post is being made with the galleries information. I believe it is the cloud page? The only way I knew this was happening is from all the comments I keep getting about our posts. I am not sure how people are accessing this content because all of it is no longer live on our site. When I go to the source of these comments its brings up a page from our site that is set to the default template with all the gallery’s information (albums, pictures, etc.). I am not sure how to 1.) change the settings so at least it looks on purpose and not as a default 2.) Turn it off! I have searched for information on this and it looks like others are struggling with this too. I like the plugin but want to control what and how our information is displayed. I’ll look for another plugin if need be.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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