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    Problemdescription: I installed a music playlist with the module Music Player on my website, i didnt change any option or wrote something in CSS.
    The Problem is my playlist doesnt look like the original demo site.
    I will attach 2 pictures where you easily can see my problem, i just want to change the text-colour of the single tracks.


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    As far as I can see, your module is displaying exactly like the demo on this site, whose text color of single tracks is the same.


    Or is there another demo?

    In any case, the color-options function has not yet been implemented in the Gmedia music player as it was in the FlaGallery players. In fact, several key functions are still outstanding (i.e., have yet to be implemented) in this plugin. I posted earlier about this under Gmedia -> Forum -> Requests and Feedback.


    No, the text colour isnt the same, on my website you have Problems to read the single track because its nearly the same colour like the background.

    Is there any possibility to change the colour with CSS ?



    Ah, now I see what you’re referring to. Was aber verblüfft, ist, dass nicht alle Titel verblasst sind. Kann es sein, dass man die mp3s selber nach ungewöhnlichen Details-Eintragungen untersuchen müsste (mp3->properties->details)? Auf alle Fälle würde ich versuchen, die mp3s neu heraufzuladen und die music-player Galerie neu zu bilden (die alte zuerst löschen), aber nur ein Lied auf einmal, dann erst das zweite, um festzustellen, wo der Fehler zuerst auftritt. Ehe man etwas mit CSS unternehme, am besten feststellen, warum nicht alle Titel verblasst sind. Vielleicht weiss Herr Upmann Bescheid.

    English: The odd thing is that not all the titles are washed out. You might check the mp3s themselves on your hard drive to see whether there are any odd entries under mp3->properties->details. In any case, I would erase all the mp3s from the gallery, erase the music-player gallery you have created, then reload the mp3s one at a time and add them one at a time to the music player (don’t add a category or tag until you have already tried the previous mp3). Perhaps you can then determine where (and why) this oddity first appears.

    I’m unsure whether it can be addressed with CSS, since it’s not occurring with every song. The plugin author would have to answer that. I will say that I have not had this problem (yet) with the Gmedia music player, so it seems like something on your end.

    Hope that helps.

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