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    Is there a way to have the button show a “save as” dialog or download the file directly instead of opening the mp3 file in new tab (since its set on target=”_blank”)
    Also, is there a way to have a volume control option added? I would greatly appreciate any help. The plugin is amazing, I would just like to have teh option of avoiding “right click save as” nuisance.


    Go to Modules page and update Music Player to latest version (1.9). If button link ends with ‘mp3’ it should now download instead of open on new tab.
    Unfortunately there is no way to add volume control for now. maybe in future updates.
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    I have version 1.2.6 and I don’t see any way to download the mp3s. I THINK I read somewhere about the Link in the Library when I edit the data, but how do I find out what the mp3’s url is???

    Can’t the link be auto-generated based on where the mp3 file itself is uploaded to? That would be convenient. I have something like 88 mp3 files I host so far and I can’t know what any of their URLs are? Please help! I want to use this plugin. It’s the best I’ve come across (and I’ve spent a number of days searching for something better and not found it) but I want my visitors to be able to download the files.

    As for volume control, that would be nice but I can live without it for now.

    They both are good feature requests, though.


    Go to Gmedia Libray -> click Action button to enter Edit Mode -> find mp3 you want to edit -> right mouse click on mp3 thumbnail and choose “Copy link location” (or something like that) -> paste url to “Link” field.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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