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    if you can help: I notice that Gmedia gallery on my website comes on google serp and it is a problem (for example it generate duplicate contents). I would prefer that gmedia would not be in google serp.
    Is it possible?
    is it possible to use the gallery in my post through [gmedia id ] and nothing else?
    I’d like to disable
    GmediaCloud Page
    Gmedia WordPress Post that are automatically created!!
    Many thanks for assistance


    GmediaCloud pages are not registered or created in the database this link is accessible for those who knows it.
    You could restrict indexing of some urls or content via robots.txt file:


    Thank-you for confirm this, and, if I can ask:
    is there a way to disable the GmediaCloud Page?
    I’d like to have the gallery in the posts where I decide to put them, without having them in a GmediaCloud Page.
    Can I set this?
    many thanks


    Hi Rattus, I try to better explain the “problem”:
    when I go to build albums, the plug-in automatically creates :

    1. GmediaCloud Page
    2. WordPress Post

    The problem is: as I’m going to create a Post and put the album inside with shortcode, because I can better edit it…
    I will have 3 duplicate contents , 3 different edit of that gallery which is redundant and not useful .
    I would like to avoid those automatic pubblications, may be I can cancel files anywhere, or stop it with coding?
    Let me know if possible.
    Many thanks,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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