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    Hello, it’s been 1 month that I am in discussion with my theme designer, my hosting company and some pluggins creator to find why there is always a disk space problem with my site. Now HostGator and TheFox theme told me that the issue would be linked to GmediaGallery here is what they told me :

    HostGator :
    > “At this time I have reviewed this issue however it appears that one of your plugins is changing the wordpress memory limit.
    > This issue does not appear to be disk space related and regarding memory,
    > by default PHP is allocated 256MB but GmediaGallery is
    > adjusting the memory limit down to 75MB. The server has 40 Gigs of ram free
    > so this limit is not being hit.

    So I’m not very familiar with all that stuff but could it be something that I can fix.
    Thank you for your help !

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    Disk space and Memory Limit is different things.
    Disk space is how many files you can upload to your server.
    As I can see from the screenshots your problem is low Memory Limit and Gmedia doesn’t adjust it. If you go to the Gmedia Settings -> System Info tab -> there will be info about real settings of your server: Memory Limit and Memory Used (for current page).
    Gmedia plugin requires at least 128M of Memory Limit to work properly.

    If it shows 256M, then you can try to disable installed plugins one by one and see if it helps. Also you can try temporary switch theme…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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