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    I have created 2 galleries and have them installed on normal pages and are both working as they should.
    However when I try to use the GRAND Pages feature and create a gallery I get nothing but a 404 error like the gallery does not exist but it is created and shows in the All GRAND Galleries page.

    Also if I active the GRAND PAGES WIDGET it actually show the gallery pic in there bit when you click on the image to go to gallery I get the 404 error again.

    My client really likes this plugin and is wanting to purchase it, however I don’t want to get her a plugin and then say to her ohh don’t use that feature because that does not work if you get me.

    This is the link to the gallery

    If you click on the contact tab you will see the widget that show the thumb but when clicked does not open full page gallery.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE any helpvery much appreciated.

    Thank You


    No link to the gallery.
    Try go to WordPress Settings -> Permalinks and reset permalinks to default -> Save -> Then return back as it was.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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