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    Can Deniz

    All i need is 3d Cube skin key but, i bought Gmedia modules…i’m really confused.Seeing in the screenshot 3d cube i said it must be this one. But i’m using FIAGallery @my site. and my key didnt work S: Pls help me…

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    Gmedia is more powerful gallery plugin and it have all gallery skins from Flagallery plgugin. You can install Gmedia -> go to import tab and import all your Flagallery galleries to Gmedia Albums -> create Galleries with 3D Cube module.

    Can Deniz

    i m sure it ll be. But i dont need S: . We create a simple form for subscribers under Fiagallery. u can look from here and i wrote this to you under WordPress support page, it ll be usefull for amateur users S:
    This Morning i order under this page FIAGALLERY but after i wrote my card informations it forwarded to me to same page twice. And than i called my bank and canceled my credit card S: And a hour ago i saw paypal option from here and i tried with my other card it done so fast (: .i guess %5 twitter discount not include Fiagallery, i’ll and i must pay +money please give me it. Sorry for my english again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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