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    Facebook Integration

    1. Log in to your Facebook account. # OK

    2. Search for the Page Tabs: Static HTML + iFrame tabs application and select it. #OK

    3. Click on Add Static HTML to a page button and you’ll be prompted for the page where you want the app to be added. #OK

    4. Once added you’ll see on the left side menu of your page a new tab with a star icon called Welcome. Click on it to edit it. #OK

    5. Add the Facebook Page Url in the text field.
    Facebook-IFrame Admin
    There, I’ve integrated according to the link
    But the page is blank

    What can I do to ensure that everything is properly integrated

    6. Click preview to see how it looks or save changes. The product is now added to the Welcome tab of your page. It dos’nt work

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    Unfortunately, Facebook now can only shows pages that are secured with SSL protocol. I’ll remove Facebook integration from plugin as it is not work anymore.


    In our subdomain sites and we “reproduce” galleries in top-level site using iframes like <iframe src=”; height=”250″ width=”600″ scrolling=”no”></iframe> instead of [flagallery gid=30 name=”Gallery”] on the top-level site. If you use this code in the sub-domain site it doesn?t work – you see [Galleries 30 not found]. This solution no longer works with Version 4.16, how should we now use GrandFlashgallery in these subdomains, please? For years we had to actually paste the HTML from the top-level site, then we found the facebook iframe solution…and are now back to square one! thanks Peter


    You can create Grand Page and use it url for iframe
    OR replace facebook.php to flagframe.php in iframe src.


    Thanks, replacing facebook.php to flagframe.php in iframe src works fine, thanks, Peter

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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