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    I want to purchase a license or pro version.

    I have a few questions:

    Can I show info (Title/Description) without having to click? Is there any code I can put in place?

    Can I also make different type of galleries with different sizes? as I have a client, who would love for this to happen.

    Would you guys be able to give a customized version too?

    Please let me know asap.


    Each skin have different unique layout. Some skins require click Info button to show description, other skins can show description automatically or when mouse over…
    If image have title and description you will see caption panel or “i” button.
    Yes, you can make different galleries with different skins and different sizes even on one page.
    There is no Pro version or hidden settings in plugin or skins. License key needed to remove ad label from premium skins.
    Unfortunately we do not make any customization to skins, only fix errors if any.


    Could you show me how to make a different gallery with different sizes as that would be very important as I am going to make the purchase once I move the site to its final destination.

    The site is



    Use Flagallery button to insert shortcodes. Flagallery button placed near “Add Media” button and also on Post’s visual editor panel. In popup you’ll be able to set size and skin parameter for current shortcode.

    Read more:


    thank you, the FIA gallery setting doesn’t work on visual composer, would have to insert the shortcode manually for it to work.


    What about Flagallery button that placed above editor panel (near Add Media button)?
    It’s could be conflict with theme or some other plugin.
    Example of shortcode:
    [[flagallery gid=5,3,4 w=100% h=480 skin=optima_jn name=Gallery]]
    Note, in skin parameter there should be skin’s folder name
    Also height can’t be with % sign (only numbers)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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