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    On my clients website (, the images in Gmedia Galleries are not showing up?
    This is a very important website with a time sensitive event, so it is urgent that we get Gmedia working as soon as possible.

    You can view the broken galleries here:

    The first gallery is a video gallery using the real slider module. The second gallery is a photo gallery using the phantom module.

    Both of these galleries were working fine. We just migrated the site to a new host (Flywheel), and now the images are not showing up? Please advise us how to fix this issue. We are working on trying to fix it ourselves, but so far have had no luck.

    Thanks so much for your prompt support,
    John Webster


    Be sure that images are in ‘/wp-content/grand-media/images/’ folder.
    If you moved your website to another hosting (or folder), then be sure you copied ‘/wp-content/grand-media/’ folder.


    maybe i have the same problem on my gallery, this one is charged for the first second and then disappears and i don’r know why!
    if i try to view the preview page it works link 1, but in the theme’s page when i insert the shortcode in the page (link 2) the gallery desappears in one second !!

    can my issue be solved?

    thank you


    @albione: Your theme is not compatible with jQuery version in latest WordPress version.

    Edit “/wp-content/themes/IlariaLVioleta/script.js” and find & replace:
    jQuery(' a[href=#]')
    jQuery(' a[href="#"]')

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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