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    GRAND Flagallery plugin is prepared for the translation in other languages.

    Flag:  English [en_EN]
    Default language

    Flag:  Italian / Italiano [it_IT]
    Author: Alain Labricciosa Gallese
    For version: 0.3X
    Last updated: 2009-11-05

    Flag:  French / Français [fr_FR]
    Author: Wolforg
    For version: 0.3X
    Last updated: 2009-11-08

    Flag:  Spanish / Español [es_ES]
    Author: Albert Ariza, Martin Borba
    For version: 0.3X
    Last updated: 2009-12-29

    Flag:  Portuguese / Brazilian Português [pt_BR]
    Author: Andre Festrati
    For version: 0.3X
    Last updated: 2010-01-20

    Flag:  Traditional Chinese / 繁體中文 [zh_TW]
    Author: Kpop’n
    For version: 0.3X
    Last updated: 2010-01-31

    Flag:  German / Deutsch [de_DE]
    Author: Toni Becker
    For version: 0.3X
    Last updated: 2010-02-09

    Flag:  Belorussian / Белорусская мова [be_BY] 
    Author: Patricia Clausnitzer
    For version: 0.4X
    Last updated: 2010-05-03

    Flag:  Russian / Русский язык [ru_RU] 
    Author: Nikas Kotic
    For version: 0.4X
    Last updated: 2010-06-13

    Author: Boris Lebedev
    For version: 0.4X
    Last updated: 2010-06-17

    Flag:  Azerbaijani / Azərbaycan [az_AZ] 
    Author: Galina Miklosic
    For version: 0.5X
    Last updated: 2011-05-18

    Flag:  Ukrainian / Українська мова [ua_UA] 
    Author: Alyona Lompar
    For version: 1.3X
    Last updated: 2011-06-27

    Flag:  Lithuanian / Lietuvių kalba [lt_LT] 
    Author: Nata Strazda
    For version: 1.4X
    Last updated: 2011-08-15

    Flag:  Romanian / Limba Română [ro_RO] 
    Author: Marko
    For version: 1.5X
    Last updated: 2012-02-29

    Just upload the files from archive in the flash-album-gallery/langs folder. WordPress will automatically load the language file from this directory, where ‘locale’ is the value you defined in your wp-config.php file in the root of your WordPress installation.

    You can help me translate GRAND FlAGallery to any target language that you are specialized in. Easiest way to translate the file – using poEdit, a program to help with translations.

    Using poEdit

    • Installing PoEdit: Download poEdit from the PoEdit website (if running Windows, just get the simple installer version) and install it.
    • Opening the file: Open poEdit (Start->Programs->poEdit->poEdit). If this is the first time you’ve run it, it will ask for your name and email address, to put them in the translation file. Then go to File->Open and open up the ‘flag.pot’ file, which you can find in ‘lang’ folder of plugin.
    • Basic translation:Select a line to translate in the top frame, and enter the translation in the bottom. poEdit keeps track of which lines have not yet been translated, and which are “fuzzy” translations (automated translations that may be wrong and should be checked). poEdit will also tell you if a sentence has a plural (ie. needs a different translation depending on the number of things being printed out). This should be straightforward. File->Save or the Save button will save your translations to the same file.
    • % placeholders: Sadly, these are a bit more complicated. The first are % placeholders. These appear within text and stand for something missing – %d means a number, %s means some more text. For example, a sentence to give the colour of a cat and its size, in Spanish:
      "The cat is %s and %d centimetres long."
      "El gato tiene %s y %d centímetros de largo."

      The colours would be translated separately elsewhere in the file. If a situation arises where you need to refer to the % placeholders in a different order from the English, you need to specify which placeholder goes where. Here’s an example, but ask if this comes up in your translation (hopefully it won’t :) ) :

      "I have %s the %s."        (I have read the book.)
      "Ich habe das %2$s %1$s."  (Ich habe das Buch gelesen.)

    Hello, I was wondering how the gallery languages work? I have a multi language FR/EN site and when I add a gallery the wording is always in English even when on the French pages. Is there a way to specify the languages or something as a part of the shortcode? I really love this gallery plugin and it will even be better if I can get the languages to switch accordingly.

    By the way, with then latest version of the plugin all the language modules already exist in the flash-album-gallery/langs folder, so I am not sure where to go from here. My wp-config.php locale is currently set for French, but it automatically switches to English by using the qtranslate plugin. If someone could be of assistance I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks

    Kind Regards,


    Those are very good translation programs which come in handy every time I do translation of documents and other papers at Looking forward to new updates, always track you guys.

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