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    Hello. Nice gallery (gmedia). Thank you.

    Wondering how to get the columns to render correctly? i’ve asked for the gallery to display 4 thumbnails, however, it continues to display 5 across. Using Phantom module with gmedia. Any suggestions as to how to fix this? website:

    Also, i need to be able to add one image to two galleries…ie. archive work and available. Need to add images to albums in order to have the sort feature…can’t seem to find a way to add an image to both albums without having to upload duplicate images with slows down the website.

    thank you for your help,


    Columns will be ignored if Max-height = 0. Set Max-height to whatever you need (set big number to avoid scrolls)
    One image can be in one album, but can have multiple tags. So you can create one gallery with Album and another with Tag.
    Also you have ability to create galleries with selected items. Go to Gmedia Library -> select images in order you want to display them -> in Action menu select Create Quick Gallery.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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