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    Hi, your Real Slider, JQ Music Player, WP Video Player are simply sensational – I’ve been using them for a few years, and still can’t imagine anything better. Thanks for continuing to work on them.

    I’ve just changed the url of my wordpress site and was going to ask why I’m getting a license message on all my pages… Meanwhile I read that the license is per site. Fair enough – I#m very happy to chip in.

    Unregistered version. Built on Gmedia Gallery Plugin.


    Post your order number and new URL of your website in private reply and I’ll update your license key with new url.


    Hello, Rattus – I’m a noob at WordPress Website building, and I have FatCow hosting my VPS site. I recently created Gmedia files with some of my music, and managed to get Wavesurfer on my Demo page; however, I ended up with one player per song (!), and that seemed a bit redundant. So, I deleted WaveSurfer from the Gallery (where my Demos were), and began working with the jQ Music Player. I selected the player and the music entered into it from the GMedia Gallery; made edits for website links, et al – but, since I deleted WaveSurfer from my existing Demo page, I try to get jQ with my songs in there… but, to no avail. I’m running everything current from WordPress 4.7, to all of my plugins, and media players. Truthfully, I would like to get my jQ Music Player onto my main Zerif Lite page (and, say goodbye to the blogs). This was the only forum that responded to the keywords ‘jQ Music Player,’ and my URL isn’t in need of being migrated to… so, Rattus – if you could help a musical guy out, I would be grateful. Thank you. Dario

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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