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    Hello, i´m just a newbie, i´ve purchased GRAND license because flash looks cool,
    but realize now IOS and jquery matter, and different response. site

    So i´ve two questions:

    1.- how/where could i modify aspect of the jquery gallery, i´d like dark background on thumbnails page, also is it possible to change thumbnail size bigger?

    2.- Galleries work fine but in jquery mode, one gallery only did not do fancybox or photoswipe, others do,
    when click on a thumbnail from it, only show that image directly in webview, why could be? that one has 30 images and others 4 each, could be related?

    3.- is it posibly to add links in description of the images in jquery mode, or similar method,
    as it works in flash with

    Thanks in advance


    1) The only way now is to modify “/wp-content/plugins/flash-album-gallery/admin/css/flagallery.css” file. But after plugin update cahnges will be lost.
    2) Probably, some of pictures have unclosed tags in image description.
    3) I’ll add this in next plugin update


    Thank you very much,.
    i figured out .1) in case anybody else want, the filestyleheet is called noflash.css
    so i added backgorund-color black there on line 15 and works. also there you can stablish size for thumbnails.
    I look forward for that plugin update, that would be perfect.


    Hi again Rattus,
    now i decided to display another jquery plugin for android and ios visitor,
    so could you say wich file or function name in flagallery detects flash devices and redirect to jquery?
    Thanks in advance.


    In latest version of Minima skin there is option to switch to alternative gallery, so Minima skin become the same on all browsers and looks like alternative gallery.
    Go to Skins page -> find Minima skin -> click options link -> in popup scrool to the very end and enable “Show Alternative JS Gallery instead of Flash” option.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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