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    One more question.

    I would like to use optima for my images on the photo page.

    This works fine on all PC browsers.
    But I have a problem with iPad and iPhone.
    It is the problem that I can’t see the Optima screen (as in the PC Browser) on the start. In iPad or iPhone I can see only a grid with e.g. 300 thumbnails. This is not very user friendly.
    If I click on one picture than the slideshow starts and works and I can see a menu on the bottom of the image where I can e.g. start/stop the slideshow or go back to the page with the e.g. 300 thumbnails.

    I can see In the description: Responsive jQuery gallery for browsers without flash support (iDevices, Android Devices)
    Can you help?

    For a check: Go to my site and their to the first image on the right side (2014 Ionisches Meer). Scroll down to the end of the content. There you can find a link “Fotoalbum 1”.
    This link open a new page with the Optima Gallery.

    I think you have my access data.
    KR Siegfried

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    Sorry for the question, I was to fast.
    I saw on your web site that this is the standard function of the modul. I will try other modules.

    No support necassary.

    KR Siegfried

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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