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    I am using Phantom module on this page: and have a private page put up using Mosaic at this url:

    I LOVE the look of Mosaic, however I would like to have the title appear on hover like in the Phantom version. Also, when you click to enlarge, there are no social media buttons for the individual photos. The demo shows that, I am wondering if I did something wrong.

    On the Phantom module, when there is a poem attached to the art (in the description field), the poem shows up nicely but gets cut off. If I am in Safari there is no way to scroll down to read the rest of the poem. With Firefox you can but you cannot click on the scroll bar to do it, as it just clicks to the next photo. Instead you must use your scroll wheel or for me, on a mac laptop, use the trackpad scroll. In Safari this does not work.

    Spiral Dance has the longest poem, if you can find that on the page, toward the bottom.

    On Mosaic the poem shows up nicely. The last line is cut off a bit, not sure why on that.

    Great job on this plugin! Just hoping I can get some social media sharing buttons for the individual images for mosaic, hopefully. Maybe title too.



    I split up my questions and re-posted, so this can be deleted. I felt it was not to the point and a bit confusing the way I wrote it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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