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    Hi there!

    I have real slider and I want to purchase the licensed version but I am unsure if the module can do what I need it to do. I need the caption to be at the bottom of the picture so it doesn’t block any of the image. Right now, you can see that it blocks the image, completely in some cases. In other galleries I’ve tried there was an option to have the caption below the picture so it didn’t interfere in the image. If I can do this in this gallery, please let me know how as then I could buy the license key and finish the gallery.


    Try this:
    Go to edit RealSlider gallery -> Settings tab -> check “Auto Height” checkbox -> go to Advanced Settings tab -> uncheck “Use global caption element for slider” checkbox and add code below to Custom CSS field:

    .realslider_module { position: relative; }
    .realSlider.gmFullscreen.gmAutoHeight { overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y: auto; }
    .gm-default-skin .gmSlideText { position: relative; top:0; left: 0; }

    Save changes


    Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, that didn’t do anything to change the appearance on the actual page. The preview in the settings area shows the change but when I insert the gallery into the page it comes up the same as before. Any ideas?


    You can give me temporary access to your WordPress admin, so I’ll try to fix your problems tomorrow.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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