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    1. I do not see any photo voting or view option in 34faltwall as it is in free version?

    2. How to enable image title so that a. it always appear b. and without blocking the image

    3. I understand the categories in gallery and different galleries can be found using the button on the left but audience is not aware to look there. It is possible to enable them for ‘always appear’ so that those options are there and they can awitch by clicking on that.

    4. Options to combine multiple galleries to form 1 gallery so that new combine gallery will have pictures of both combined as 1 gallery?


    1. Not all skins have “rate” and “like” feature. There is no free or paid versions of skins. All premium skins are full working galleries. But if you don’t have license key you’ll see ad label (Buy License Key) on each premium gallery.
    2. Optima skin and Afflux skin have option to automatically show image title and description.
    3. Categories are always visible on PhotoBlog, GreenStyle, Afflux, Slider skins
    4. You need to create separate gallery which contains pictures from few galleries.

    I’ve already answered these questions as soon as you wrote me in twitter. But seem like my answer is gone (probably due to server problems).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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