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    Here are several other issues — some not so major — that I have noticed (I’m using version 0.9.10 and Firefox 28.0):

    (1) In -> Manage albums, galleries” -> “Common Settings,” setting the max-width or max-height to a pixel value positions the image hard right. (Perhaps I do not understand this parameter.)

    (2) Music module no longer centers with .jq-mplayer_module, .gm-music-player { margin: 0 auto; } + div class (I have double-posted this in the older thread).

    (3) Question: Is this the correct way to Save the drag-and-drop order:
    (1) set “Order Gmedia” to “User defined” (but do not drag and drop the images yet) and “Sort order” to “ASC” or “DESC” and then
    (2) “Save” the album?
    Only by “saving” first will Gmedia accept the drag-and-drop order. If one does not save “Order Gmedia” to “User defined” first (and then only after saving use drag-and-drop), Gmedia scrambles the order; that is, dragging-and-dropping without saving as “User defined” scrambles the order. Sometimes the order reverts to “Id” and “DESC” during drag-and-drop quite on its own even without clicking on those boxes unless one SAVES “User defined” first. Is that how it is designed to work?

    **(4) Nice feature: having Gmedia remember earlier settings from other albums in Common Settings (when one moves to the Common Settings of a different album).

    (5) Is there an image-width or image-height threshold beyond which the gallery causes the images to appear oversized?

    I have three albums with large portrait-style images that rendered fine in the earlier version of Gmedia, but now — same images, no changes — they are grossly (full-screen) oversized in normal page view , covering almost the entire width of the main field (they look fine in full screen). Other albums with similarly sized portrait-style imges and with even larger rectangular images are fine in normal page view (they are sized down) — just as before. This is happening to only a few albums. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

    Thanks for your previous clarifications.


    Regarding number (5) above:

    I experimented with these albums and galleries with large portrait-style images a bit today:

    These albums have no normal tab view; that is, they render all their images Full-Screen size even in what is supposed to be normal tab view (they render fine in Full Screen)..
    But if one rotates one of the images in the album horizontally (90º), the album returns to normal tab view.

    I assume this is a bug, since all these albums rendered correctly in tab view in the previous version of Gmedia even without an image whose width is greater than its height.


    (1) Can you attach a sceenshot or post a link to the gallery (what module?)
    (2) Link to music page, please, so I can see if there is some css in conflict
    (3) You can start drag and drop even if “Order Gmedia” is not set to “User defined”, but if you want to save this custom order don’t forget to set order to “User defined” before click Update button. Note: I don’t turned on Drag’nDrop feature by default, because it require to load all images in album at once and if someone have thousands images in album its will crash browser.
    So you need to turn it manual in Actions menu.
    By default you can set image order with small input field on the image top right corner. On one page there is 30 images and you should update album before go to next page.
    (4) I’ll think about it.
    (5) In latest version I’ve fixed how the gallery size calculates. Clear your browser cache to see changes.
    Module looks over all images in gallery and remembers the lowest ratio (img_width/img_height). Width of the gallery is always 100% (unless you set max width) and the height = (gallery_width / ratio). If height is more than maximum allowed height in settings or more than browser window height, then height will be the minimum of last two parameters (max-height or window height).


    Regarding number (5) above:
    I told about Minima, Optima, Afflux and Slider modules.


    Number (1) you have explained in answering number (5). My bad: I did not understand.
    Number (2) is fixed in Version 0.9.11.

    Number (3): I understand the explanation, but occasionally Gmedia simply “jumps” and reverts from “User Defined” to “ID” for no apparent cause while I am dragging and dropping. That is why I “Save” the order to “User Defined” before I start dragging and dropping, so it’s not a big issue.

    Number (4) was not a request: it already works that way in a single editing session (!). That is, after editing colors in one album, if one moves to a different album, Gmedia “remembers” the numbering when you type in the first digit. I was just remarking that it is a helpful feature. Thanks.

    Number (5) is fixed in Version 0.9.11.

    Thanks for all the fixes.


    Sorry about my italics errors above.

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