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    There are no thumbs generated after update of the plugin.

    The folder /wp-content/grand-media/image/thumb is empty.

    Right for the folder “grand-media”, “image” and “thumb” is 755.


    There are three ways:
    1) In Gmedia Library find image without thumb and click “Edit Image” link -> In popup set “Apply to” field to “Web-image, Thumbnail” and click Save Image. Do it for all images without thumbnails.
    2) Delete all images that are without thumbnail and re-upload them again:
    Select images by clicking on missed thumbs and choose “Delete selected items” from Action dropdown menu.
    3) Delete records in database and import images from original folder:
    In Gmedia Library for each image that missed thumbnail click red link “Delete DB record (leave file on the server)” -> OK. This will delete record about image from database, but leaves original uploaded file on your server. After you delete all broken images from database go to “Add/Import Files” page -> click Import tab -> in Server Folder area choose “‘wp-content’ -> ‘grand-media’ -> ‘image’ -> ‘original'”, after you select “original” folder you can set tags and albums for this images or leave empty and click “Import Folder” button.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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