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    Hi Rattus,
    Thanks for your awesome plugin.
    For the current project I’m working on, there are many photos. The idea of creating one gallery for each album is daunting.
    I would like to create a couple of galleries using RealSlider, and point them to different albums in different posts.
    I found the basic way to do that using the [gm] shortcode.

    So this works:
    [gm album="4" module="realslider"]

    However, I can’t seem to affect the settings, and I would actually like to have two different galleries – one with bullets, and one with thumbnails.

    I tried the preset attribute, and assume it is pointing at a gallery by ID, but was unable to get it to work.

    The other issue is that RealSlider doesn’t seem to want to autoplay. I don’t know if this a browser-specific issue – it doesn’t seem to be.


    Go to edit or create new gallery with RealSlider module. Change module settings to fit your needs and save them as new Preset (saving gallery is not necessary if you need just save presets). Now you can use created presets in [gm] shortcodes.

    Post link to your gallery where autoplay doesn’t work.

    Using shortcode:
    [gm album="4" module="realslider" preset="homeslider"]
    Not sure how I reference the presets if there are more than one.
    Autoplay still not working, and it was never turned off.


    Never mind. I got it – the presets weren’t showing up for some reason so I didn’t have the correct ID. IT’s working great now…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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