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    Hi, I just purchased your license and want to start using your modules, but I run into a couple of issues.

    The optima download button opens the files instead of saving it to disk. How can this be fixed? I would also like to see the number of downloads for an image. I would also like to add social media buttons.

    Another option would be to use Photomania, but this module doesn’t support number of views and also doesn’t display number of downloads.

    I checked all modules and I need combined functionalities, don’t want to compromise really. So I’m looking for a gallery with:
    – number of views
    – number of likes
    – download button with number of downloads
    – social sharing buttons
    – dedicated url for an image

    Can this be achieved?

    thanks in advance,


    I installed Phototravl plugin from the modules panel, it works like a charm:
    the only thing I miss now is a download counter, if that could be added, it would be great.


    I’ve talked to PhotoTravlr developer and he’ll try to add download counter in the next module’s update.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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