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    I just started using the plugin and i love it!

    I’m wondering if that’s possible to display all galleries on one wordpress page by inserting a shortcode or something. I don’t want to put all of the pictures from the album to the page, i only want to show one picture of the album, which is clickable and after clicking it takes the visitor to the specific gallery page where all images are shown or after a click it opens the slideshow of the clicked gallery without loading to an another page.

    Is it possible? How can it be solved?



    Yes, this would be something I want more or less too.

    For instance I’ve got a menu item called “Nature”.
    This would show cover image of each gallery/album I want on this page.
    After I click on the cover image of an album, new page opens with all the photos from that album.



    Oke, I found in the forum, which helps but still quite cumbersome to manage.

    You need to create a page with the complete gallery.
    Copy the url to this page.
    Go to your gmedia library.
    Pick an image that is part of that gallery and add this URL to the gallery.
    What I did next is gave this image also the tag “cover”.

    Next I created a new page in WP
    click on the gmedia button
    select the option for gmedia collections
    select the ‘tags’ and select the ‘cover’ tag.
    Now select module/preset and save.
    If you now select in WP frontend this particular page you created, you will see this image which you tagged with ‘cover’. Clicking on this image will now open the page with the complete album/gallery.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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