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    I’ve got WordPress 4.1 and installed Gmedia 1.35 (latest version)
    I’ve created a new album, added files to it (all jpg, quality 96) and then created a gallery from the album, using the Phantom module. I think that’s the proper order, or isn’t it?
    I’ve tweaked the settings of the Phantom gallery (most notably set thumbnail size to 300×225, so they’re not too small), and so far it works fine for my purposes. There’s just one nasty thing I couldn’t figure out yet: the thumbnails have a horribly low quality and look very mushy and all, plain awful to look at. If I could get this fixed and have the thumbnails have a good quality (like the input images), I could have the gallery go live.
    Sadly, I didn’t find anywhere an option to change the ridiculously low thumbnail quality, neither in the gallery settings nor anywhere else. So, how do I change the thumbnail quality? Do I have to use a different module, other than Phantom? Do have to tweak some settings before or during file upload? Something else entirely?


    I have the same problem. Please tell me how to solve this problem


    Post links to your gallery pages.


    Here you are. As you can see previews thumbnails of all except 5 (in the center – i manually greate this thumbnail in photoshop, just for example) is very poor quality, because they do not 350px width, so they just “zoomed”. How can make them to generates a width 350px? Thank you very much!
    I think in core.php (thumbnail function) we can make somethink with “resize”, can we? Thanks.

                                                          $editor->set_quality( $thumbimg['quality'] );
    							$resized = $editor->resize( $thumbimg['width'], $thumbimg['height'], $thumbimg['crop'] );
    							if ( is_wp_error( $resized ) ) {
    								@unlink( $fileinfo['filepath'] );
    								@unlink( $fileinfo['filepath_original'] );
    								$return = array(
    									"error" => array( "code" => $resized->get_error_code(), "message" => $resized->get_error_message() ),
    									"id"    => $fileinfo['basename'],
    									"tip"   => "editor->resize->thumb({$thumbimg['width']}, {$thumbimg['height']}, {$thumbimg['crop']})"
    								return $return;

    If you need such a big sizes for thumbnails then better modify Phantom module:
    Edit /module/phantom/init.php file on lines 35-36:

    			,'image' => "/{$gmGallery->options['folder']['image']}/{$item->gmuid}"
    			,'thumb' => "/{$gmGallery->options['folder']['image_thumb']}/{$item->gmuid}"

    modify to

    			,'image' => "/{$gmGallery->options['folder']['image']}/{$item->gmuid}"
    			,'thumb' => "/{$gmGallery->options['folder']['image']}/{$item->gmuid}"

    so module will use web images (max 1600×1600) for thumbnails.

    Better copy modified module to ‘/wp-content/grand-media/module/’ folder, so after plugin update you’ll not loose your changes. Also I recomend to rename folder to “phantom-mod” and edit index.php file to change name and title:

    'name' => 'phantom-mod',
    'title' => 'Phantom with Big Thumbnails',

    Dear Rattus. You are best of the best. Many thanks for your help. I am very grateful to you.
    I wish all best to you from Ukraine. Thanks.


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    I register in specifically to assess a maximum (5 stars) of your plugin. Thanks!

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