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    I just started using GMedia, and am looking for a way to have a gallery within a gallery (hierarchy), with thumbnails.
    Is there such a feature?

    The idea is to have a parent gallery (such as plants), and under it daughter galleries (such as – trees, shrubs etc…)
    with thumbnail images for the galleries.



    Hi, I vote for this feature too. And albums hierarchy too.
    I have 30 galleries, its impossible to use them when they are not sorted properly.
    Best way is to have the tree structure, as files and folders in PC. Splendid example is WP-Filebase plugin (now it isn’t in ´, but it is possible to download the free version), there is possible to open and close folders, make new folders (only one click) and drag-and-drop files to this folders.
    But for me 2 levels would be sufficient, something like expandable/collapsible folder (of galleries/albums).
    BTW I as many other users (as I read in reviews) I am still confused why there is album + gallery, I can’t understand why they aren’t together, as one function (or better with Add/Import Files together too).


    “Nesting Galleries” added to the todo list.

    : In the admin you can set sorting of items under “Screen Options” button.

    Announcement: Right now I’m working on adding comments for Gmedia items. First module with support of comments will be Phantom module.


    Hi, any news of this?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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