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    All links in PhotoBlog Gallery open in the same window. I need the links to open in new window.
    I´ve tried different plugins and none of them work.
    Any ideas?



    I have the same problem with GMedia Gallery! It was working fine, the images used to open in a new window but not anymore. Could you help us,please?



    I’ve just rolled out new version of PhotoBlog module. There are few new options available:
    – Title Link Color – if title have link and you want it to be different color from titles without links;
    – Title Link Target – default “auto”, which means only external links will open in new window, but links with the same domain opens in same window. “_self” means to open links in same window and “_blank” – open links in new window.

    You can overwrite link target for individual image by adding to image Custom Field called “link_target” with value: “_self” or “_blank”.

    Go to admin Gmedia -> Modules page -> update module to latest version.


    Thank you for answering but still isn’t working. I updated it and I added the custom field with the value you told me but images still are not displayed in a new window (where there is the explanation of them). Do you have an idea of what the problem might be? Maybe I’m doing something wrong. It’s not the image I want to open, but the link of the image.

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    Keymaster I’ve updated only PhotoBlog module as @Pedro asked me. As I see on your screenshot you using Phantom module.
    I’ve just updated Phantom module (v2.8) go to admin Gmedia -> Modules -> update Phantom module to latest version which support “link_target” custom field.


    Thank so so much!!! It’s working perfectly now!


    It´s working fine, thank you!!!!
    The only thing is that it’s change the link color to default, I don’t know if it’s posible to change the defoult color at once. Nevertheles is a minor issue.
    Many thanks!


    There is new option for title link color.
    So now you can set separately color for title without link and color for title with link.


    If you have many galleries and don’t want to edit each to change title link color, you can edit “/wp-content/grand-media/module/photo-blog/settings.php” file at line 19 and change ‘titleLinkColor’ => ’75c30f’ to hex code you need.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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