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    I am using the registered version of Photobox, (0.7). It allows me to change the thumbnail sizes in Gallery Settings. I changed this for one of my galleries to see how it worked and it applied the thumbnail size change to all of my galleries. When I try to set it back to the default size, save the changes, nothing changes. Thumbnails remain in my previous settings and not scaled. I had to add custom CSS to make it close to what it looked like before but some thumbnails are still not sized properly. Here is a sample of the CSS code I had to put in place:

    ul.gmPhotoBox li {
        height: 68px;
        width: 75px;

    I had to add it to my main CSS. When I tried to add it to the module CSS it made no difference.

    Here is a link to one of my galleries:

    I shouldn’t have to add CSS code to set the thumbnail sizes to the original settings. I tried to reset the gallery settings back to default but nothing changes. Could someone please review and let me know what am I doing wrong? Thanks!


    Just an update, I removed the width CSS property from my CSS code above and that helped with images taken in portrait. Seems to be back to normal now but the issue still remains where if a custom thumbnail size is set on one of the galleries, it will apply it to all and you won’t be able to revert back to the original settings without adding custom CSS.


    I had to add the width property back in. The thumbnails were not displaying properly in IE without a width defined. The problem now is if the image in the thumbnail is taken in portrait format, it does not fill the width of the thumbnail. So a portion of the thumbnail looks empty. Again, using the width and height in Gmedia for the Photobox module applied the change to all of my Photobox galleries and it does not allow me to set it back to the default setting. Could someone please review this? Thank you.


    I found a proper fix for now that works on all browsers. Those that experience the same problem can add the following to their custom CSS:

    div.photobox_module ul.gmPhotoBox li a img{
        height: 68px; /* set your custom height */
        max-width: 100% !important;

    Did you modify init.php file from module’s folder? There is something wrong with module. Try delete it manually from ‘/wp-content/grand-media/module/’ folder
    and check if it exists in ‘/wp-content/plugins/grand-media/module’ folder and delete photobox from there too.

    Then install it again via Modules page in WP admin.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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