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    I am testing Gmedia Gallery to make sure it works with my WordPress theme (before I purchase it) and have run into a problem.

    In my test I tried loading five JPG images (each roughly 500px by 500px and slightly over 100kb). When I initially ran it with my theme on my offline test server (local – MAMP) everything worked fine. Now, when I try running it using the identical theme on my live server, it won’t allow me to upload images. When I try to upload images, I get the following error message (and the images do not load)… “No editor could be selected”. If I reduce the images to under 300px (at their widest), the Gmedia plugin uploads the images OK.

    Hmm… why do the 500px images load OK on my local server, but not on my live server? Is there a Gmedia setting that I have missed somewhere? I’d really like to use this plugin with the 500px images.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance/guidance.


    Gmedia Gallery requires the GD or ImageMagick PHP extension. Please contact your hosting provider to enable them. Without GD or ImageMagick images can’t be processed. Also check if you have enough PHP Memory Limit on your server (at least 128Mb).


    Thanks for your assistance.

    My web host enabled the GD and and reset the PHP memory. For some strange reason I am still having problems with JPGs, but PNGs are loading fine.

    Your guidance was appreciated – thanks again.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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