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    I love this gallery plugin and I bought it purposely just for the slides. However I found it is giving me a problem with my Vimeography plugin. When I disable your FLAGallery plugin my light boxes in my Vimeo Gallery plugin open and play the videos. But when I enable your plugin my light boxes do not work for my video gallery plugin by Vimeo.

    They told me to disable your plugin and I told them, just as I purchased theirs I Purchased yours as well and I want my sliders in my portfolio so is there anything else I could do because I need both plugins to be able to work simultaneously.

    So they told me to contact you guys and see if you could help in moving to the latest version of the fancybox code for the FlaGallery plugin because that is what is causing the problem.

    Please help in this matter.

    Here is the link to your beautiful sliders on one of my portfolio pages:

    Here is the link for my video page not working when you click on the video (unless I disable your plugin):

    please click on a video to see what is happening/what is not happening


    I can’t check your website (500 Internal Server Error). But I’ll update plugin with latest Fancybox script soon.


    My site is now back up. So if you want to take a look please do. When do you think you will update your code? Because that is the last thing I need to finish my site and debut it.


    I’ve checked latest version of Fancybox v2.* and it uses Creative Common License which is not compatible with GPLv2 or later. The WordPress Guidelines for plugins says “Creative Commons licenses are not compatible and are not allowed.” (even for third-party libraries).
    So I can’t update plugin with latest fancybox, but I can fix conflict between plugins if they are displayed on different pages.
    I need temporary FTP access to ‘/plugins/flash-album-gallery/’ directory.


    I’m sorry I’m not a code Savy person with website talk etc. do you need access to my hosting account or wordpress plugins? Yes they are on separate pages.


    No, not hosting. Actually, I can try to fix Flagallery files right from WordPress Dashboard, but will be better and much easier to do it with FTP access to your server.

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    Ok. I’ve fix plugin on your website and will add this fix in future update of Flagallery plugin.


    Thanks so much! My vimeography plugin is now working properly because of your fix!!! Thanks so so so much!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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