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    Hey there,

    i was wondering if there is any way to give realSlider(settings) a callback to execute after the realSlider is initiated and everything is done or if there is an event to capture for that.

    I need this for having the realSlider load into a fancybox via AJAX. Everything works fine except the fact that the fancybox (or the realSlider) don’t get scalled properly after the realSlider is initiated. In short: fancybox loads, displays realSlider code and then the realSlider gets initiated.

    Thanks for your help


    Public methods:

    // You can get slider instance from realSlider data:
    var slider = $('#realSlider_ID<?php echo $gallery['term_id']; ?>').data('realSlider');
    slider.goTo(3); // go to slide with id;  // next slide
    slider.prev();  // prev slide
    slider.destroy(); // removes all events and clears all slider data
                      // use on ajax sites to avoid memory leaks
    slider.updateSliderSize(); // updates size of slider. Use after you resize slider with js. 
    slider.updateSliderSize(true); // Function has "forceResize" Boolean paramater.
    slider.updateThumbsSize(); // updates size of thumbnails
    // Fullscreen public methods
    // Autoplay public methods

    Public properties:

    slider.currSlideId // current slide index
    slider.currSlide // current slide object
    slider.numSlides // total number of slides
    slider.isFullscreen // indicates if slider is in fullscreen mode
    slider.nativeFS		// indicates if browser supports native fullscreen
    slider.width // width of slider
    slider.height // height of slider
    slider.dragSuccess // Boolean, changes on mouseup, indicates if slide was dragged. Used to check if event is drag or click.
    slider.slides // array, contains all data about each slide // object with slider settings
    slider.ev // jQuery object with slider events


    // In each listener is slider instance
    slider.ev.on('gmAfterSlideChange', function(event) {
        // triggers after slide change
    slider.ev.on('gmBeforeAnimStart', function(event) {
        // before animation between slides start
    slider.ev.on('gmBeforeMove', function(event, type, userAction ) {
        // before any transition start (including after drag release)
        // "type" - can be "next", "prev", or ID of slide to move
        // userAction (Boolean) - defines if action is triggered by user (e.g. will be false if movement is triggered by autoPlay)
    slider.ev.on('gmBeforeSizeSet', function(event) {
        // before size of slider is changed
    slider.ev.on('gmDragStart', function(event) {
        // mouse/touch drag start
    slider.ev.on('gmDragRelease', function() {
        // mouse/touch drag end
    slider.ev.on('gmBeforeDestroy', function() {
        // triggers before slider in destroyed
    slider.ev.on('gmSlideClick', function(event, originalEvent) {
        // originalEvent - the original jQuery click event.
        // triggers when user clicks on slide
        // doesn't trigger after click and drag
    slider.ev.on('gmEnterFullscreen', function() {
        // enter fullscreen mode 
    slider.ev.on('gmExitFullscreen', function() {
        // exit fullscreen mode 
    slider.ev.on('gmVideoPlay', function() {
        // video start
    slider.ev.on('gmVideoStop', function() {
        // video stop
    slider.slides[2].holder.on('gmAfterContentSet', function() {
        // fires when third slide content is loaded and added to DOM
    // or globally
    slider.ev.on('gmAfterContentSet', function(e, slideObject) {
        // fires when every time when slide content is loaded and added to DOM
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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