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    Most image gallery plugins provide the ability to move around the order images appear in a gallery usually using a drag and drop approach but I cannot find anyway to swap around the order of images in Gmedia gallery other than delete the entire gallery and rename the files in the order I want them and add them as new images in that order which is not only time consuming but very cumbersome. Is there some secret way I haven’t found of easily rearranging the order that photos appear in a gallery? It seems it can be done in albums though that is not what I need. Searching the net can be confusing because some plugins use the word “gallery” as a subset of a bigger collection called an “album”, whereas other plugins have the name usage reversed and have albums as a collection of photos and then a gallery as being a group of albums, which I guess comes from traditional halide photos whereby you’d mount them on paper photo album pages, then arrange a number of booklet style albums around a room to form a gallery, whereas Gmedia has gallery as the container for images and a group of galleries form an album. I want to be able to rearrange select photos in the smaller container which in Gmedia talk is a gallery. Thanks in advance.


    Go to Edit any Album -> set “Order gmedia” to “Custom Order” -> click Update button.
    Now you can order items in current album with your mouse (drag’n’drop)


    The only options I have for Order gmedia are
    – by ID (default),
    – by title,
    – by filename,
    – by date,
    – by last modified date,
    – by created timestamp,
    – by comment count,
    – by views,
    – by likes,
    – by file size, and
    – Random.
    I thought maybe “Random” was a poorly chosen word for drag and drop so gave that a go but upon selecting Random and Updating it, I find it means the order is randomly shuffled as the name suggests, however upon clicking on the Order gmedia list to reset it back to the default “by ID”, suddenly an extra option appeared at the very top of the list which wasn’t there previously, that being “Custom Order”. For some reason, my list doesn’t display “Custom order” when you first open the list, but if you select something other than the default, update it then reopen the list, it magically appears. It may be some clash with another plugin or something in the Avada theme, but no wonder I couldn’t find how to do it. So there’s a tip for anyone else reading this who can’t find the “Custom Order” option, you may have to do the same steps I had to do to make it reveal itself. Thanks for the pointer Rattus.
    I am using Gmedia Gallery v1.9.2 with Premium licence and Photobox v1.00 with FooGallery + Polaroid Gallery Template Extension. I create the albums (collections of photos) with Gmedia Gallery then use FooGallery to create a Polaroid look gallery of each Gmedia gallery (album) with each image in the FooGallery linked to a separate Gmedia Gallery. The Foogallery is the freebie version but the Gmedia is the premium licensed version. Gmedia’s Photobox is a far superior lightbox to Foobox IMHO. Now all I have to do is figure out how to provide a download option of images within the lightbox of Photobox!
    PS: If you have a wishlist, a Polaroid style gallery would be cool so I could keep everything within Gmedia plugins.


    Dude, you arrange the media in ALBUMS. See above comment instructions.


    This dude realises media can be stored in albums and in this case it is but if you want a nested tree arrangement you can have albums within albums or galleries within galleries. If I have a gallery called Stuff, it may contain several sub-galleries called Sports, Movies, Scenery, Food, Animals and then within the Sports directory, it opens up to Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Swimming and Tennis, then when you open Soccer if gives a number of teams, then within a team it lists a number of games played on certain dates then when you click on one of those days, and only then, it opens a lightbox of photos taken of that game on that day of that Soccer game of the sports directory so I only want a lightbox view at the very bottom row of the tree but the 3 layers above it, I only want a sample photo of each sub category in my case in a Polaroid style layout. Others may prefer a mosaic or some other layout. GMedia’s products are set up to have a parent directory that upon selecting opens some form of lightbox, whereas I want albums within albums within albums or galleries within galleries within galleries, word it how you wish. Foogallery is excellent for the upper levels because you can nest galleries without triggering a lightbox on the level below, but when you get to the bottom level, that’s when Gmedia’s Photobox lightbox seriously kicks the butt of other lightboxes including Foobox. It’s very convenient that the 2 rival products work so well together or at least in my case they have. I notice some photo plugins swap the meaning of albums and galleries though. WordPress itself needs a major overhaul of it’s media gallery and needs to do something about the chuck it all in one spot structure. I use to sort media and it works well with Gmedia gallery.

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