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    I am hoping that your plugin will replace one of the most popular plugins and, so far, my client loves the display and popup so we are going in the right direction.
    Reading another post, I understand that there is not a manual so I will ask specific questions.
    It is my assumption that we have “Albums” (In my case “Bella Romain”.) and under the album we have Galleries (Desert Paintings, Portraits, Other Paintings and Miscellaneous.). I have assigned tags to the individual gallery.
    On the test website, I have on the home page 4 buttons that should point to the individual galleries within the album, Bella Romain. How do I change the link in order to point to the appropriate gallery?
    Also on the Galley page, I would like to display Galleries, Desert Paintings, Portraits, Other Paintings and Miscellaneous, which then opens up using the Phantom Module to display the images within the Gallery. How would I go about this/
    Thank you for your assistance.
    PS: We love your plug-in. It’s clean, crisp and displays the image with well organized descriptions. The setup allows for much flexibility and options.


    I have made some changes and found out how to link the buttons on the Home page to the Gallery but I would prefer to maintain my page format (Insert the images into the content section as opposed to a new blank page.) and I would like to display an image (or something similar) that represents the overall Gallery not the individual images within the gallery.. I am using tags so that may be the key!!
    Please review my website,, before you answer my questions as I am constantly making changes hoping to resolve my question on my own.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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