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    So I made a first small gallery, only for testing purposes.
    But how can I add it to an existing page?
    I do not see a link or a shortcode to call that album from my overview page of galleries.


    OK, I grabbed that…… there’s an option in WPs editor.
    But generally….. I really need a manual…. which steps to do in which order and where to create galleries / albums.
    To me, an album and a gallery are two words for the same thing, but it seems, here there’s a difference.
    So I really need a manual. :-)


    Unfortunately, there is no manual yet. There is no order which you should do step by step.
    You can upload images and add tags, assign album to them while upload. You can create new tags and albums while upload or you can just upload images to library and then in the Library manipulate with tags and albums.
    You can create Albums/Tags before uploading any images and even create Galleries based on empty albums. After that you just upload images to that albums and they automatically appeared in gallery.
    Image can have many tags and only one image. Categories are optional and needed for future services. Albums and images can be private, so only logged in users can see them in gallery.
    Album also have option to sort/order images in it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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