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    Hi there,

    I’ve had the gallery installed or a little over a month — everything working fine, didn’t do WordPress updates or install any new Plug-ins. (Have already tried activating and deactivating plug-ins so this is not the issue.) But now whenever I try to upload images to a new gallery ALL of the thumbnail images are broken on the back end. It seems they still display correctly on the front end but my client wants to be able to add captions on the back end to each photo and she can’t do that when the thumbnails don’t display. She is using a Mac.

    Would really appreciate some help on this asap!


    By the way, I just tested it again adding a new gallery in Windows and then in Ubuntu — it works fine that way. But when my clients uploads new photos to the gallery through her Mac, all broken thumbnails. I am frustrated because we went through many different gallery options before she decided she wanted this one in particular. But if she can’t upload photos to her own galleries because she’s on a Mac, this is now costing ME money as a web designer because I’m liable for that and I’ll have to purchase a whole new gallery, configure it, and re-upload 300 photos. !!! Please help!


    OK. I’ll test it on Mac and let you know about solution. Any way would be better if you give me temporary access to WP Dashboard, so I can test it on your server. Did you update plugin to the latest version? There is a new uploader in v3.19

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    I’ve checked on Mac with Safari (Version 6.0.5 (8536.30.1)) and all working fine.
    I’ve updated plugin to latest version, then create gallery “Test” and uploaded images there.
    Also I go to gallery with ID=9 and check first 4 images -> then choose ‘Create new thumbnails’ from action dropdown menu -> click OK -> set thumb size to 100×100 -> submit…. And thumbnails created with success.


    Thank you so much Rattus! I appreciate it. However, there is one more problem now that the galleries have been updated. It seems that whenever you click between galleries, the slider feature stops working. It only slides automatically until you touch it, then once you’ve touched it, the slider doesn’t work anymore. Can you please help?


    Ok. I’ll look into this and update skin. Follow our twitter @CodEasily for news and updates.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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